Citation Protection Plans

Citation Protection Plans™ were developed by TicketGuard to provide payment of up to $250 towards  speeding citations and also set amounts towards various  types of traffic citation fines you may obtain. Instead of you having to pay the cost of a traffic citation fine, TicketGuard will pay it for you!  TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans are simply a solution that protects you against the cost of traffic citation fines. Our Citation Protection Plan is not to be perceived as an insurance product, the Citation Protection Plan is not a regulated insurance product; it is designed to provide a solution against expensive citation fines. If you operate a vehicle, you can be stopped by law enforcement at any given moment and issued a citation for a minor traffic violation. Protect yourself against the possibility with a TicketGuard Citation Protection Plan today.

*Disclaimer Statement: TicketGuard Citation Protection Plans are not insurance and should not be considered as such. TicketGuard provides Citation Protection Plans to Members of TicketGuard only. TicketGuard members should not disregard applicable traffic laws/ordinances due to Citation Protection Plan registration. Citation Protection Plan registration is NOT authorization to disobey traffic laws.



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